Gerdus van der Laarse

BI Analyst and Finance Business Partner

Complexity can be a scary thing. But, like with scary things, the best thing to do is to try to understand as much as you can, find out what you don’t understand, and then face it head on.

During his master’s program in Engineering and Policy Analysis at TU Delft, Gerdus combined multiple passions into his thesis exploring how nature-based solutions impact urban inequality in his home country of South Africa. This dedication to understanding the complex dynamics between nature, climate action, and inequality led him to seek how projects at this interface can be practically financed and executed.

As a Business Intelligence Analyst and Finance Business Partner, Gerdus helps Metabolic create impact more effectively by improving internal efficiency, while also providing support towards the financial feasibility of projects. After all, fundamentally changing the economy has to be done from within the existing one.

In his free time, Gerdus enjoys running (preferably in nature), learning languages, and reading.

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