Frenzi Ritter


Frenzi supports Metabolic Institute as a sustainability researcher and industrial ecologist in various consortium-based pan-European research projects. Trained as an interdisciplinary systems thinker, she enjoys working with cities, regions, and other organizations to analyze urban sustainability issues and find integrated solutions. 

Born in a family of artists and self-builders in a small village in Northern Germany, Frenzi brings creativity and problem-solving to her projects. Her passion for socio-ecological well-being has been with her for as long as she can remember — and her early adventures from multi-week bike touring across Europe and long hiking trips in her childhood certainly consolidated her interests in environmental issues. 

Before joining Metabolic, Frenzi studied industrial ecology, social-ecological studies, and environmental sciences in the US, Germany, and Canada.  Frenzi holds a Masters in Environmental Management from Yale University and a Bachelors in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Freiburg University, Germany. 

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