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Floor van Bovene

CFOO, Spectral

floor@spectral.energy | LinkedIn

Floor is from the Netherlands and has always been interested in the interconnections between living things and their ecosystems. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Biology at Utrecht University, where she was immersed in the science of animal behavior, ecosystem functioning, and human psychology. Floor went on to receive a Master’s in Science and Business from Utrecht University.

Floor worked as a management consultant before choosing for her passion and becoming a freelancer sustainability consultant in 2011. She joined Metabolic early 2013, in the early days, where she managed several consulting and development projects and supported the operation and finance teams throughout Metabolic’s early years.

In 2016, Floor decided to follow her passion once again and co-founded Spectral, Metabolic’s first commercial spin-off company, where she directs the company’s finances and operations.

Keywords and expertise: biology, psychology, corporate environments, project management, operations, business administration.