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Erin Kennedy

Lead Circular Raw Materials Systems

Erin has lived in Amsterdam for more than a decade, where she works within the consulting division of Metabolic as an analyst, author, and project manager.

Involved in social and environmental activism from a young age, Erin became frustrated with the slow speed at which citizen movements were affecting change. She realized that a more effective way to break society out of old patterns would be to work with stakeholders and decision-makers directly and arm them with the knowledge and tools they need to make good decisions. Her career was built on this realization.

In order to bridge the gap between knowledge in human constructs (such as society) and the physical environment, she went on to study natural sciences, economics, and (GIS) data science. A long-time personal passion for systems thinking allows her to bring these and other fields together in her work. Beyond project-based work with partners, she also teaches systems thinking to organizations in need of a holistic perspective in their vision or strategy.

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