Emmy Scholten

Commercial & Partnerships Director

We are all a small part of something bigger. When we look at how systems work, we learn that even the smallest part can have a significant impact and role.

Emmy is driven by a fascination for the natural resilience of our ecosystems as well as our minds. She firmly believes that mindfulness is key — that the combination of our individual mindset and awareness of our role in enabling natural resilience will shape a better future. 

At Metabolic, Emmy is responsible for business development and strategically growing (inter)national alliances with partners and clients who are equally committed to driving systems change. She draws on 10 years of international experience in the Dutch government, where she represented the Netherlands in foreign economic relations and as a diplomat in Toronto, Canada. Her growing interest in urbanization and sustainability inspired a career change to business development at an architecture firm before joining Metabolic.

Emmy holds a master’s degree in International and European Law from combined courses at Nijmegen, Rome, and Copenhagen universities. Her interest in people, places, culture, and society has led her to live in Italy, Denmark, India, and Canada, before landing back in The Netherlands. Growing up in a rural dutch town on the German border, Emmy cultivated a knack for languages and a love for cycling. Each year she covers about 8,000 km across the Netherlands and Europe, using the bicycle as an opportunity to travel slowly, feel connected to the surroundings, adapt to unexpected events, and meet people from all walks of life. She is also passionate about horticulture, wine, cooking, and bread-making, all of which involve working with what the land provides us with. Nothing is more inspiring than witnessing something grow from seed to fruit or watch a sourdough come alive. 

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