Eline Koelman

Eline Koelman

UX Designer

Changing people’s behavior is probably even more difficult than changing their mindset. That’s why I believe we should work very hard to make sustainable behavior well-aligned with people’s current goals, and as easy as possible. We can only do that if we deeply understand how people and organizations operate, what they need and desire.

Eline is responsible for defining and designing the ‘user experience’ of Metabolic Software’s products: she ensures they are useful and easy to use. She will constantly ask, “Why?”, to make sure our work achieves these goals, for us and for our users. 

After studying industrial design engineering, Eline shifted her focus to the ‘fuzzy front-end’ of innovation, to create products that contribute positively to the world but also products that people love to use. A master’s degree in design for interaction led her to pursue new product development with a focus on societal value, thanks to a newfound understanding of how people interact with the world and what role products have in improving those interactions. 

Eline’s first foray into professional software development was developing a smart ‘social’ alarm system that aimed to improve social cohesion and reduce break-ins and fires in less affluent neighborhoods. She also worked on ML-based software solutions for healthcare professionals. 

Eline believes deeply understanding who our users are and what problem they are encountering is crucial to building a solution that fits with their goals, needs, and behaviors.

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