Elena Antonova

Junior HR Manager

Elena helps to create a healthy work environment at Metabolic through advocacy of people and providing administrative support to employees. She is eager to inspire achievements by coordinating the main company’s asset – our employees. 

Elena studied management at the Graduate School of Management in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, and then earned a master’s degree in Human Resources Management from the Rotterdam School of Management. During her studies, she became interested in the sharing economy concept and the ecological challenges this system proposes to solve. This motivated her to write her thesis in cooperation with large Russian platforms that implemented this business model, and this work made her even more interested in sustainability. 

Being on the front line of problem-solving for employees, she gets a unique perspective on Metabolic’s ecosystem. By understanding our company’s priorities and challenges, Elena is excited to have the excellent opportunity to impact the personal development of our employees and the future of Metabolic. 

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