Daniela Palma Munguia

Sustainability Consultant

Sustainability is the key to how we restore our planet and offer solutions rather than excuses.

Daniela is an energetic environmental professional who likes using data science to identify problems and recommend actionable solutions. 

Daniela has a background in environmental management from the University of Amsterdam and environmental engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles. Her personal connection with the environment stems from her undergraduate studies when she realized that many of the environmental challenges in California affected minority communities. As a minority student at UCLA, she reflected on the challenges her own community faced, including poor air quality and lack of green spaces, and the lack of resources to fix these problems. Therefore, she chose to focus her work on finding new, impactful pathways to managing our environment and solutions to help the underrepresented. 

She is passionate about this field of work because the actions we take today will make a difference in our future. Daniela is optimistic that through innovation and data we can find solutions to our environmental challenges and environmental justice issues. Through this environmental and data lens, she is able to support clients on their transition to more sustainable systems.

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