Carolina Paes

Sustainability Consultant

Sustainability is about creating systems that work for everyone, systems that reduce socio-economic and environmental inequalities, and that preserve the natural environment and the communities that characterize the world we live in.

Joining Metabolic’s Industries team and focusing on the raw materials sector, Carolina believes there is a need in the market to create circular electronics and optimize their longevity.

Growing up in Brazil, a country with incredible geomorphology, Carolina became passionate about the natural sciences and sustainability. While pursuing a bachelor’s degree in geology, she did a considerable amount of fieldwork in different regions of Brazil. This experience allowed her to observe the country’s many socio-environmental discrepancies and how they are linked with mining activities. She saw that the lack of efficient public policy in the areas of sustainability and innovation hinders Brazil’s development, and institutions relate development to unbridled growth without considering environmental justice aspects.

Carolina then connected with circularity while earning a Master of Science in Sustainable and Innovative Natural Resource Management, with a focus on Circular Societies. One of the main challenges for increasing circularity with electronics products is related to the availability and end-of-life of metals. She is passionate about finding new solutions to optimize resource recovery and new clean technologies to decrease the risks related to production and manufacturing activities.

At Metabolic, she intends to use science to support decision-making in a quantitative way, while also considering aspects of social and environmental justice.

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