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Brian James Shaw

Sustainability Consultant | LinkedIn

Growing up in small town Ireland, Brian developed an appreciation both for nature and understanding processes of change from a young age. He has applied his expertise in agricultural sciences and forestry in roles with a range of research institutions in Germany and the Netherlands, addressing challenges and opportunities in cultural landscapes, agri-food transformation and rural-urban interactions. Through this work he developed a deep understanding of mixed research methods, process facilitation, and policy advocacy. Brian has co-founded two food startups, and worked with various local food and agriculture cooperatives and transition initiatives in Germany. He is also a member of Freiburg Scientific Theatre, where he uses theatre to promote and facilitate transdisciplinary dialogue.

Brian joined Metabolic in 2018, where he works on the development and deployment of science based targets in the agri-food system, and the diffusion of interventions at different scales for a transition towards increased system resilience and sustainability