Benjamin Elizalde


At Metabolic, Benjamin is thrilled to deepen his knowledge on sustainability and systems thinking in order to support organizations and societies to transition towards a more resilient and sustainable state. He participates in projects related to the circular economy through the application of life cycle and systems thinking.

Born and raised in Chile, he obtained degrees in History and Political Science, where he was awarded a research grant from the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) for his bachelor thesis on ENGOs strategies in the legislative policy-making process. At a young age, Benjamin developed a passion for sustainability-related issues, which led him to volunteer in multiple grassroots projects linked to waste management and sustainable food systems. 

After finishing his bachelor studies, Benjamin worked as a research assistant first in Chile and subsequently in Freiburg, Germany where he was granted a DAAD scholarship to study a Masters in Environmental Governance. His thesis, supported by the Industrial Ecology Group Freiburg on the topic of sustainable development and campus metabolism, was considered a valuable contribution to the University of Freiburg in their objective of measuring and improving their overall environmental performance.

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