Benedikt Gruber

Product & Materials Team Support

Benedikt supports the Products & Materials team with data analysis and research on industry related projects. He assists companies and organizations to adopt circular structures based on systemic, sustainable, and innovative thinking.

He studied mechanical engineering in southern Germany and then participated in a federally funded exchange program in the United States. After this exciting and eye-opening experience, Benedikt merged his fascination for technology and passion for preserving our environmental and social wellbeing with a master’s degree in environmental engineering at RWTH Aachen University in Germany. Focusing on recycling technologies, his main expertise involves material flow analysis and life cycle assessment based on his insight into production and remanufacturing processes.

His growing awareness that so many of our actions have a negative effect on our environment has led Benedikt to simultaneously realize that a positive impact on nature and society is possible, as long as we actively want and pursue it. With the concept of impact over profit, Metabolic gave him the opportunity to join a movement that strives precisely to make an environmentally and socially sustainable contribution, first as an intern for several months, and now as a full member of our team.

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