Bart Stikkers

Data Engineer

A view of sustainability must be holistic to make sense. Connecting data from many different fields allows for insights and solutions that work for everyone.

Often described by others as a walking encyclopedia, Bart’s role as data engineer at Metabolic is a natural fit combining his academic and professional skills. He is responsible for building out the company’s datasets into a data warehouse to augment the knowledge and experience of the consultants. 

After obtaining a bachelor’s degree in environmental and natural sciences, Bart found himself turning an unrelated interest, in computers, into a job, by moving into software development. From there, his interests quickly shifted toward business intelligence and data engineering. 

Metabolic’s holistic view of sustainable development resonates with him, as he has seen a wide variety of challenges during his studies. Any vision of a truly sustainable society should obviously have a circular economy. Tying resource flows into loops requires finding connections between vast amounts of data. Better managed data is one step towards that vision.

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