Antoine Coudard


Growing up in the South of France, Antoine was interested in environmental conservation and agriculture from a young age. He moved to Montreal, Canada to complete a Bachelor in Sustainability, through which he engaged with the vast variety of sustainability issues that impact on natural ecosystems. Wishing to dive deeper into data-driven and technological solutions for sustainability, Antoine moved to the Netherlands and undertook a Master in Industrial Ecology at TU Delft.

Antoine has experience in interdisciplinary research projects in a variety of sustainability topics, including food systems, urban metabolism, and closed-loop supply chains. Furthermore, with experience in entrepreneurship-based climate solutions, Antoine believes in the important role of business innovators in advancing sustainable innovation, hand-in-hand with public organizations and civil society. He joined Metabolic in July 2019 as a researcher at the Metabolic Institute. With his varied knowledge and experience in sustainability, Antoine hopes to develop and apply new analytical tools and fill in the essential knowledge gaps to tackle the most urgent environmental and social issues.

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