Anne de Valença

Senior Consultant

Anne hopes to help transform the agriculture and food system towards a fundamentally sustainable and equitable state, in order to regenerate nature and ensure healthy foods for all. The food system is vital to humanity’s existence in terms of food provision, work opportunities, and cultural values. While it is at the center of many pressing global problems, Anne believes it also holds the key to solutions. 

Anne holds a bachelor’s degree in biology and a master’s degree in agroecology, with a focus on the interaction between agriculture and nature. During her studies at Wageningen University, she performed research on farms in Ethiopia and Peru. At Wageningen University & Research, she worked in research and education around sustainable agriculture development, particularly on small-scale farms in East Africa. As an adviser at WWF-Netherlands, she worked with businesses,  governments, and NGOs to transform the Dutch dairy and arable sectors towards nature-positive systems.

Nature inspires and motivates Anne to do impactful work. She loves to spend time in wild places, especially climbing mountains and rocks where she can surrender to nature’s strength and abundance. 

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