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Amrish Shah


“Poverty is not the absence of goods but the overabundance of desire.”

Amrish is a bit of a mixed chap: Born in Africa and raised in both Mombasa and London, he has now lived in the Netherlands for far longer than he cares to remember. He is and still remains proudly Indian, although can pretend to be British, Dutch, and even Kenyan when it suits him.

Amrish studied chemical physics at the University of Bristol, and as fate or (mis)fortune would have it, he started his career in financial management with Unilever. For better or worse, he has stayed loyal to this field. Amrish is a qualified management accountant. He’ll tell you this means not only is he good at counting beans (all sustainably grown, of course), but he can also tell you a good story about why it is a bean, what type of bean it is exactly, and what that bean means for you in the future.

Amrish has worked in many other organizations across different sectors and ownership structures. Metabolic is his second time working in the climate impact space, having started this journey with Climate-KIC in 2021. Systems thinking, holacracy/flat management, and impact monitoring continue to fascinate him. At Metabolic, Amrish is the CFO, which in reality means he has to do pretty much everything his finance team tells him to do. Professionally, leadership, decision-making, culture forming, and designing and implementing change continue to be specific topics of interest for him.

Outside of work, Amrish is a father of three teenage boys. A lifelong vegetarian, he loves and actively engages in all sorts of sports, card and board games, reading, cooking, and traveling. He dislikes gardening or, rather, weeding.

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