May 24, 2023

How Link makes biodiversity and nature impacts tangible, visible, and actionable

By Katie Thisdell, In-house Journalist at Metabolic

Link, by Metabolic Software, is transforming how organizations assess nature and biodiversity impacts.

Pieter van Exter, product director of Link, was featured on the latest episode of The Climate Conversation podcast from the Environmental and Energy Study Institute. He discussed the circular economy and how businesses can implement circular practices to reduce waste and promote sustainability. The highlight of the conversation revolves around the launch of Link, which aims to revolutionize how organizations assess their impact and risks related to nature and biodiversity.

“Nature and biodiversity is such an important topic, but it’s often undervalued, under-reported, and under-understood, if I can frame it in that way, by companies, because it’s perceived as abstract and complex,” van Exter said. “With Link by Metabolic Software, we took this challenge on to make biodiversity and nature risks and impacts  tangible, visible, and actionable for companies and sustainability teams.”

Pieter’s journey into sustainability was influenced by his experience volunteering at an organic farm in California. Witnessing the alarming effects of climate change, he realized the importance of addressing environmental challenges. Pieter emphasizes that the circular economy and agriculture must go hand in hand to create a resilient and sustainable food system.

“Circular economy … combined with a strategy of where we are sourcing from, and where we are not sourcing from, is going to be the way to actually bring our consumption within planetary boundaries,” van Exter said.

At Metabolic, a key aspect of our work involves using systems thinking to develop strategies and opportunities for a sustainable and circular future. Link specifically addresses the aspects of nature and biodiversity risks. By providing tangible insights, Link empowers organizations to maximize their impact and prioritize improvements.

Recognizing the data gaps in supply chain assessments, Link incorporates algorithms to estimate likely locations based on available information. This ensures that sustainability teams can address key areas even with limited data.

“We’re trying to develop this ‘Swiss Army Knife’ for companies to find their way to engage in a positive future,” van Exter said, describing Link as a comprehensive tool. It offers detailed insights and clear visual representations of priorities, aligning with reporting frameworks.

As organizations increasingly prioritize sustainability, Metabolic Link offers a valuable solution to address nature and biodiversity risks. By integrating circular economy principles and leveraging systems thinking, businesses can make informed decisions and strive for a nature-positive future.

Listen to the full podcast here.

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Link, by Metabolic Software

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