May 1, 2024

Focusing on nature and biodiversity: HEMA's journey with Link

By Pieter van Exter

HEMA, the renowned Dutch retail chain, has selected Link as its software platform to prepare for upcoming sustainability reporting requirements in the EU and to gain science-based insights into its nature-related impacts, risks and opportunities across the 30,000 products it sells.

Committed to making a positive impact, HEMA is laying the groundwork for a future where its business operations are aligned with environmental stewardship. Having successfully mapped its total carbon footprint and set Science-Based Targets, the retailer is taking the next step in its sustainability journey by working with Link, Metabolic’s advanced nature and biodiversity assessment platform.

Sustainability is an essential part of HEMA’s strategy

HEMA is a Dutch retail chain known for its wide array of affordable products, including clothing, food, beauty products, and household items. Celebrated for its distinctive product design, HEMA often combines practical functionality with a playful, modern aesthetic. The brand has grown significantly over the years and has expanded beyond the Netherlands to several countries in Europe with nearly 750 stores in total. 

With the recent adoption of Link, HEMA is now moving beyond carbon emissions to accurately assess the full spectrum of its nature-related impacts and risks for its direct operations (offices and warehouses), as well as for its entire supply chain for the 30,000 unique products it offers.

Link gives us a science-based, quantitative understanding of our interface with nature. We can now holistically prioritize where we need to take action and identify where we can best improve the granularity of our data.

Xander Kotvis, Sustainability Manager at HEMA

Getting ready to report and act on nature and biodiversity topics

Link’s science-based and innovative platform supports HEMA’s sustainability strategy by assessing their impacts, risks, and opportunities related to nature and biodiversity. The new Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) is an important reason for HEMA to choose Link.

Like most companies, CSRD is top of mind for HEMA. Link will help us to report the required ESRS data points and create actionable insights.

Eva Ronhaar, Sustainability Director at HEMA

Link translates the complexity of CSRD’s comprehensive environmental standards into an easy-to-use experience, helping HEMA to streamline its reporting processes and build internal expertise. Specifically in regard to environmental standards ESRS E3 (Water and Marine Resources) and ESRS E4 (Biodiversity and Ecosystems).

But Link will play a much broader role in HEMA’s sustainability ambition. The detailed insights that Link provides through its user-friendly interface will be used in supplier engagement, product design, and will help Eva Ronhaar and her team to maximize HEMA’s positive impact.

The holistic approach ensures that our actions will have the greatest impact on 'bending the curve' of biodiversity loss.

Eva Ronhaar, Sustainability Director at HEMA

Together with Link, HEMA is on a clear path to address nature and biodiversity loss by understanding and mitigating its impacts and risks, allowing them to make informed decisions, and identify new opportunities. 

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