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Assess, prioritize, and reduce your organization’s nature and biodiversity impacts and risks

Introducing Link

The sustainability impact and risk assessment platform to support your organization’s nature and biodiversity strategy


Locate nature-related risks and opportunities

To protect nature and biodiversity, it is crucial to locate where your operations affect them. Our geospatial data layers provide valuable insights by identifying the areas in your supply chain where nature is under the most pressure. This information can help you prioritize measures that yield the most significant results and enhance your business resilience.


Confidently develop your nature strategy

With Link, sustainability leaders can confidently develop a nature and biodiversity strategy. Our software is built on the latest scientific methods and the most granular impact databases available. Our clear and compelling interactive visualizations help you communicate the strategy effectively to all stakeholders.


Overcome gaps in your supply chain data

Nature and biodiversity assessments require significant resources. Link’s intelligent algorithms can help organizations save time and move forward by filling data gaps concerning missing sourcing locations.

How Link works

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Who is Link for

You are looking for ways to start mapping your organization's nature-related impacts and risks

You have a complex supply chain, with many natural commodities coming from different sources

The majority of your nature and biodiversity impact takes place upstream in your supply chain

Link, by Metabolic Software

Our mission is to leverage technology solutions to bring the economy within planetary boundaries.

Metabolic Software is a diverse team with extensive knowledge in sustainability and software product development.

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We are part of Metabolic, a community of sustainability experts who have delivered more than 500 innovative and groundbreaking projects over the past decade.

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