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At Metabolic Software, we strive to transition the global economy to a fundamentally sustainable state.

A new economic model is necessary: one that ensures the wellbeing of all people and allows organizations to thrive without transgressing the safe boundaries of the earth’s natural systems. And we don’t have much time. Metabolic Software builds tools that assess the impact of organizations, and of products and services, on the environment. We also provide insights into how those impacts can be minimized.

As part of the wider Metabolic ecosystem, we automate scientific methods, scaling sustainable solutions to critical problems.

At the core of our mission is the transition to an economy that is circular by design.

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Highlighted projects


Alternative Materials Tool

The Alternative Materials Tool guides businesses towards packaging materials with a lower environmental footprint, without transferring the environmental cost to another system. Using lifecycle environmental data from Ecoinvent and other scientific literature, it provides a context-specific ranking of alternative materials and allows material comparisons.



ChemDSS is an eco-design tool that simplifies the design of green chemical formulations. The tool makes it easy to design green formulations, reducing the amount of time it takes to assess the toxicity and environmental impact of a formulation from months to minutes.

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Dayrize.com is an e-commerce marketplace that aims to bring the consumption of products within the safe operating space of our planet. Metabolic has developed the methodology and framework for a holistic sustainability scoring system, as well as all the associated data collection processes.


The Global Metabolism Initiative

The Global Metabolism Initiative maps the impacts of global economic activity in relation to our planet’s resources, guiding business and policy leaders on the levers needed to keep the economy within planetary boundaries.


Material Flow Analysis tool

The Material Flow Analysis (MFA) tool automates the generation of Sankey diagrams based on standardized input data. These diagrams beautifully illustrate inputs and outputs in a system, allowing us to analyze the circularity of a given system and visually communicate results such as high-impact hotspots. Metabolic uses them in almost all of our projects, and this tool greatly speeds up our process.

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