Analyzing the textile materials flows of Taiwan

A circular vision for the Taiwanese textiles sector

Metabolic performed a detailed analysis of Taiwan’s textile flows before developing a holistic vision and progress roadmap for how the Taiwanese textiles sector could transition to circularity. 

  • Client: Taiwan Textiles Research Institute (TTRI)
  • Date: August 2018
The challenge

The Taiwanese textiles sector is recognized globally for its innovative, high-performance synthetic textiles. From pioneering the method of recycling plastic bottles into recycled fabrics, to recent innovations like fabrics out of coffee grounds, the country is known as a frontrunner in circularity. However, the majority of the sector is still not circular and depends on fossil fuel inputs.

The challenge
Our approach

In this project, we performed a Material Flow Analysis (MFA) of all of the country’s textile flows. From this baseline assessment, we proposed a vision for how the whole sector could transform to circularity, along with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure their progress towards this end state.

Our approach
The outcome

A circular vision for the Taiwanese textiles sector, accompanied by a roadmap of interventions and measurement tools to track progress. 

The outcome

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