The Global Metabolism Initiative

An annual report on the health of our planet

Coming November 2021

We extract 71.8 billion tons of material from the Earth, annually, to fuel our global economy. The rate and volume by which we extract natural resources is far outstripping the planet’s annual budget of renewable resources.

The Global Metabolism Initiative maps the impacts of global economic activity in relation to our planet’s resources, guiding business and policy leaders on the levers needed to keep the economy within planetary boundaries.


An annual overview of global material, energy, water, and waste flows, highlighting which sectors and international trade flows are responsible for the most resource use.

A planetary health assessment, monitoring how natural systems are coping with the impacts of economic activity.

An inspiring, clear, and actionable vision and roadmap for how to transform high-impact systems towards more sustainable and regenerative models.

2021 edition

The Bioeconomy

Each year, the Global Metabolism Initiative prioritizes a deep-dive into a specific high-impact system. Our focus for 2021 is the bioeconomy

In transitioning from fossil fuels towards a renewable, biobased economy, we face a new set of resource challenges. With competing demand for biomass for food, fuel, fiber, and material and a projected global population of 9.8 billion by 2050, it is vital that we protect, balance, and nurture the natural capital which sustains life.

Bridging global monitoring and local decision-making

The GMI monitors resource consumption at the global, national, and subnational levels, enabling business leaders and policy-makers to take a cross-sectoral approach to measuring direct and indirect impacts, and set science-based targets for specific value chains. We aim to spur market change by connecting research, policy, and industry.

The GMI report aims to answer critical questions such as:

How to participate

Metabolic Institute is building a consortium of partners to spearhead the Global Metabolism Initiative. If you are interested in collaborating with the Initiative, please get in touch.

Projected launch

The 2021 Bioeconomy Edition of the Global Metabolism Initiative will launch publicly in November 2021.

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