Smart Freight Centre: An Analysis of the Freight System

Analysis and strategy inputs from a systems thinking perspective.

Metabolic worked with the Smart Freight Centre (SFC) to bring a systems-thinking perspective to their global freight sector activities, with specific focus on their efforts in Beijing.

  • Client: Smart Freight Centre (SFC), via a grant from the Hewlett Foundation Beijing Transport Energy and Environment Centre (BTEC)
  • Date: August 2016
The challenge

The global freight sector fuels the world economy by transporting goods around the world at an increasing pace. Yet this comes with tremendous impacts: air pollution, carbon emissions, and traffic and congestion, to name just some. Efforts to change this have had mixed results. Working with the Smart Freight Centre, we delved into the system’s complexities to uncover structural issues behind these problems and provide a holistic strategy for change.

The challenge
Our approach

We performed a systems analysis, participated in workshops, and provided holistic recommendations to intervene on the sector’s leverage points.

Our approach
The outcome

Our work has contributed to development of SFC’s mission and strategy, as well as their partners in Beijing.

The outcome
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