July 16, 2015

Circular Foodvalley Strategy

Project overview

In this project we worked with 3 local Rabobanks in the Foodvalley region to identify opportunities to move towards a circular region.

Title: Circular Foodvalley strategy

Client: Rabobank

Date delivered: February 2015



Project leader

Project Description

The Foodvalley region in the East of the Netherlands has a high concentration of food-related industries and innovation activities in the field of food production. This sector offers ample opportunities for generating circular value, by smartly utilizing (local) resources and residual flows. Rabobank actively works with their clients to help them transition to a circular economy and identify new circular business opportunities.


In this study, we followed our ‘regional metabolism approach’. In this, we start by sketched a general picture of the most relevant material flows in the region. To further specify the opportunities for circularity we crafted insightful metabolism profiles of different companies in the primary and secondary food industry (mainly producers and food processors) on the basis of publicly available data. This finally resulted in the analysis of opportunities to create more circular resource flows.


A comprehensive report on the current state of the Foodvalley and the opportunities for the region to move towards circularity were identified. In the report, numerous examples and case studies are highlighted showcase the potential of a circular food sector.