July 16, 2015

Textile Recycling in The Netherlands

Project overview

We evaluated the potential for increasing post-consumer textile collection and high value recycling in the Netherlands, together with our partner Circle Economy.

Title: Opportunities for Textile Recycling in the Netherlands

Client: VanGansewinkel

Partners: Circle Economy

Date delivered: August, 2014

Project leader

Project Description

Textiles are among the most impactful consumer products in society today, and well over 85% of post-consumer textiles globally ends up in either landfill or incineration. In the Netherlands, approximately 80% of post-consumer textiles are collected by municipal waste organisations, which represents a huge potential value if they can be effectively separated and recycled into high value applications.

Together with VanGansewinkel, we analysed the life cycle of textiles in the Netherlands, and provided a detailed breakdown of the different end-of-life destinations for these materials. We highlighted a number of opportunities that VanGansewinkel could pursue as a municipal waste collection organisation, in increasing the overall recycling rate, and channeling to higher-use applications.


Mapping the Life Cycle of Textiles in the Netherlands:

In collaboration with VanGansewinkel, we produced a detailed material flow map of fashion and industrial textiles at a national level, and identified the main stakeholders in textile collection and recycling. From this analysis we recommended several interventions for boosting the collection rate of post-consumer textiles, and highlighted potential new markets for the sale of post-consumer textiles.



We evaluated the potential for VanGansewinkel to boost post-consumer textile collection and high value reuse in the Netherlands.