July 16, 2015

Reuse Applications for Recycled Textiles

Project overview

We evaluated the potential for impact reduction and material recovery of proposed product applications from recycled textiles, together with our partner Circle Economy.

Title: Evaluating Reuse Applications for Recycled Textiles

Client: KICI

Partners: Circle Economy

Date delivered: May, 2013



Project leader

Project Description

Of the textiles that are recycled every year, much of the recycled content is reused in low-quality applications like automotive insulation and agricultural textiles. KICI is a textile recycling company who is experimenting with a number of high value reuse applications for recycled textiles. Using Circle Economy’s Circle Scan process, we evaluated the potential benefits of a selection of applications that KICI is considering.


Evaluation of Textile Reuse Applications:

As an indication of the impact potential of reuse applications for recycled textiles, we applied the Circle Scorecard methodology. The Circle Scorecard is an evaluation method that indicates the impact contribution (positive or negative) of an activity across several dimensions of circular performance including energy and material use, ecosystems impact, socio-cultural impact, and value generation. We looked at the direct impact that such applications would have, and the larger systemic impact it could make on other industries.


We evaluated the potential of KICI’s proposed product applications  in reducing impacts both directly and systemically.