Enabling the circular economy through legal innovation with Circulaw

CircuLaw is a knowledge platform dedicated to enabling the transition to a circular economy by identifying opportunities in current law to support a circular future.

In response to the escalating climate crisis, global efforts are intensifying to transition toward a sustainable and circular economy. With initiatives like the European Union’s Circular Economy Action Plan and the Dutch government’s commitment to reducing primary raw material usage by 50% by 2030, CircuLaw explores legal pathways to accelerate this transformation.

  • Partner: Gemeente Amsterdam, Dark Matter Labs, Flux Partners
  • Date: From 2022 until present

Utilizing existing laws to drive sustainable change

Given the critical state of our environment, transitioning to a circular economy is essential. This shift requires systemic changes in production, construction, and consumption across various sectors. While laws and regulations are often seen as obstacles, they also provide opportunities that can be utilized to expedite and expand this transition. The regulatory framework, although not often recognized, plays a crucial role in facilitating market and behavioral changes toward sustainability. CircuLaw uncovers overlooked opportunities within existing policies that could advance the circular economy.


Applying systems thinking for legal innovation

CircuLaw is a platform designed to assist market players and policy makers in using existing legal tools and making them accessible to accelerate the transition to a circular economy. It focuses on providing insights into the regulations and offers strategies to transform five critical economic sectors—construction, consumer goods, biomass and food, manufacturing, and plastics—towards sustainability by 2050. The platform highlights the complexities of current and upcoming EU regulations, aiming to clarify and leverage these laws for advancing circular economic practices.

Metabolic’s role involves conducting research using systems thinking across various value chains. Subsequently, our partners undertake the creation of diverse legal instruments and regulations, as well as the platform’s development. For more detailed information, you can visit the website here.


A platform showcasing the potential of circular regulations

Laws and regulations, while sometimes seen as obstacles by citizens, market players, and policymakers, can actually facilitate innovation. CircuLaw’s key initiative is the creation of a legal knowledge platform that highlights how policymakers can harness existing laws and regulations to accelerate the circular economy. This platform identifies critical points within the legal system that can be leveraged to enhance sustainability efforts positively.

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Want to learn more?

"CircuLaw offers legal action perspectives for circular policymakers, project leads and buyers of local and regional authorities."



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