July 16, 2015

Transitioning Desso to a Circular Company

Project overview

We mapped the material flows of Desso, identified key areas of focus for circularity, and connected these opportunities to Desso’s existing Cradle-to-Cradle strategy, together with our partner Circle Economy.

Title: Transitioning Desso to a Circular Company

Client: Desso

Partners: Circle Economy

Date delivered: May, 2014



Project leader

Eva Picture 1 320x320 - Eva Gladek

Eva Gladek

Founder and CEO


Project Description

Desso is manufacturer of carpet and floor covering products, and is one of the strongest innovators in sustainability within the industry. Despite a strong focus on sustainability, carpeting like other industrial textiles today, end up being either landfilled or incinerated. Even in countries with advanced recycling rates like the Netherlands, textiles are not being recovered optimally.

Through Circle Economy’s Circle Scan process, we worked together with Desso to comprehensively map the life cycle of their material flows, from raw material extraction, to end of life and recovery. The output of this analysis was a sankey map, which highlighted some of the key ‘circularity gaps’ in the system. Looking at Desso’s existing Cradle-to-Cradle strategy, we recommended additional activities and KPIs that focus on advancing resource efficiency and material recovery.


System Mapping:

We worked collaboratively with Desso to document and map the types and volumes of material resources, including energy and water that are used by Desso. Expanding on this information, we constructed a detailed life cycle flow map that included both upstream information on material extraction and processing, and end-of-life information. The result was a clearly visualized map of the life cycle of material flows, which highlighted the main sustainability issues and gaps of resource recovery in the system.


We produced a comprehensive life-cycle map of Desso’s material flows, and developed additional focal areas and KPIs to augment their existing Cradle-to-Cradle strategy.