A sustainability scoring system on Dayrize.com

Creating a framework to help consumers shop sustainably on the Dayrize platform

Dayrize.com is an e-commerce marketplace that aims to bring the consumption of products within the safe operating space of our planet. Metabolic has developed the methodology and framework for a holistic sustainability scoring system, as well as all the associated data collection processes. The score provides consumers with a multifaceted sustainability overview for each product, allowing consumers to consider sustainability in their purchasing decisions.

  • Partners: Dayrize.com
  • Date: July 2021

Empowering consumers with sustainable products

Consumers increasingly want to consider product sustainability when making purchasing decisions, but this information is often not available, or it is difficult to interpret and inconsistent, making product comparisons difficult. We worked with Dayrize.com to create a scientifically sound score that empowers their customers to quickly and easily understand the sustainability of each product sold on the Dayrize platform. The scoring process also needed to be feasible for Dayrize vendors to complete, which meant developing a method for conducting an accurate ‘life cycle assessment’ of each product without the analysis requiring days to complete.


The construction of a scoring system

Metabolic provided sustainability and software expertise to power the Dayrize e-commerce platform. We developed:

  • The ‘Dayrize Score,’ which communicates the social and environmental impact of a product, from extraction of raw materials up to delivery to the customer’s doorstep;
  • A data collection system for Dayrize vendors to provide the product information for the score calculation;
  • A review system to ensure the accuracy and legitimacy of the data provided by vendors;
  • A standardized format for communicating each product’s score to consumers.

Towards globally sustainable consumption patterns

In July 2021 Dayrize has launched in the Unted Kingdom with plans to expand to international markets in the future

The Metabolic-developed Dayrize Score is the first-of-its-kind sustainability comparison tool for retailers. We hope it will help to shift global consumption patterns back within planetary boundaries by empowering consumers to shop responsibly and by informing brands how to design more sustainably.


“We are overconsuming as a species. We need to figure out how to bring that consumption down by creating this radical transparency on the impact of different products and communicating that both to consumers and brands.”

Industries Consultant & Product Owner


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