July 16, 2015

Vision for Circular Hospitals

Project overview

A vision for how hospitals of the future can close their resource loops, developed with our partner Circle Economy.

Title: Circular Healthcare

Client: Philips

Partners: Circle Economy

Date delivered: January, 2015



Project leader

Project Description

The healthcare sector in the Netherlands is changing significantly. Due to the advancement in hospital care and specialized equipment, many smaller hospitals throughout the country are conglomerating into larger healthcare centres. At the same time, home and remote care innovations allow patients to receive more care from home.

In the context of this shifting landscape, we developed a ‘circular healthcare’ vision for the Netherlands, that explored the potential future roles of home care and hospitals. Within this vision, we identified a number of opportunities for Philips Healthcare to further explore.


Mapping The Material Flows of Hospitals:

In collaboration with Philips and healthcare professionals we developed a comprehensive map of the life cycle of resources that exist within, and flow through hospitals. Our analysis focused on the end-of-life of many of these materials, including waste water, hospital equipment, and hazardous waste. The result of this exercise brought to light many opportunities on how these resources could be recovered and reused.

Vision for Circular Healthcare:

In addition to painting a scenario for the future of healthcare based on recent technology and social trends, we looked specifically into how hospitals could close their resource loops, and how Philips could play a role in that transition. The visioning exercise culminated in a set of recommendations for Philips to further explore in their Healthcare division.


We provided a vision for how hospitals within the Netherlands can close their resource flows, and highlighted a number of opportunity areas for Philips to take leadership on.