July 16, 2015

Circular Friesland / Circulair Fryslân

Project overview

The analysis for a Circular Friesland resulted in 5 transitional directions that help move the Dutch province of Friesland move to a more resourceful and stable economic state.

Title: Developing a Regional Circular Economy Strategy for Friesland

Client: Omrin

Partners: Urgenda

Date delivered: June 2015

Project leader

Project Description

The Province of Friesland is the most Northern part of the Netherlands. Although the province is largely dominated by agricultural grounds, various other sectors such as industry and services form a crucial part of its economy. A strong group of frontrunning entrepreneurs took the lead to collaboratively define a roadmap to transition Friesland to a circular economy. Part of ambition is to create more jobs and opportunities for young entrepreneurs to secure the build up of a robust and future-proof economy.


Together with our partner Urgenda we facilitated a 5-month analysis and stakeholder engagement process in which we followed our ‘regional metabolism’ approach. In this process, we interviewed over 30 local stakeholders, analysed the current material flows of the Province of Friesland in depth and crafted a future vision including key leverage points for moving towards a circular economy. Data was collected through public sources as well as through interviews with local stakeholders.



The project resulted in a vision with 5 circular opportunity directions and over 12 iconic projects that serve as catalyst in the transition of Friesland. The final report was presented during a kick-off conference on the 12th of June in the City Theater ‘de Harmonie’ in Leeuwarden.