August 16, 2015

Circular Buiksloterham

Project overview

For Buiksloterham, a 100 hectare site in Amsterdam-North, we developed a vision, roadmap and action plan to transition to a fully circular neighborhood.

Title: Circular Buiksloterham

Client: De Alliantie, Gemeente Amsterdam en Waternet

Partners: Studioninedots, DELVA Landscape Architects, Frank Alsema, Saskia Muller, Peter Dortweg

Date delivered: March 5, 2015


Project leader

Project Description

Cities present one of the major challenges for sustainability globally. While cities occupy only 3% of the land surface of the earth, they house more than half of the world’s population, and channel over 75% of global resources. This is only expected to grow, with 70% of the global population moving into cities by 2050. Transforming the built environment is one of the biggest challenges in moving towards a circular economy.

Buiksloterham, a former industrial area in Amsterdam North, is being re-developed to a working/housing area. Together with a consortium of local stakeholders we coordinated the Circular Buiksloterham study to investigate Buiksloterham’s potential to become a world-class living lab for Circular Cities.


On the basis of a business-as-usual analysis of the development of Buiksloterham in 2014 and in 2034, we crafted a vision with ambitious performance goals. Together with local stakeholders, specific interventions were designed and translated into a roadmap and actionplan. On March 5th, Buiksloterham was launched as the Netherland’s first living lab for smart, circular and biobased urban development.


We produced a detailed report supporting the transition of Buiksloterham to a circular neighborhood.  Over 25 local stakeholders committed to the vision and goals by signing a manifesto that will guide the area’s development over the coming decades.