Alpro: Setting science-based targets for nature

A pilot to assess planetary boundaries for water, land, nutrients
and biodiversity in Alpro’s soy and almond value chains
Setting science-based targets at the company level.

This pilot project pioneered development of science-based targets for plant-based food and drink producer Alpro’s almond and soya supply chain. The study provides recommendations on how Alpro can keep within the safe environmental limits set by the Planetary Boundaries framework – and advanced development of methodologies for other companies to do the same.

  • Client: Alpro
  • Partners: WWF, Wageningen University, Plansup, and IUCN-NL
  • Date: March 2019
The challenge

Plant-based foods are highly resource efficient and part of the solution towards a more healthy and sustainable diet. However,  as we recognize that we must do better to operate within the limits of our planet’s natural capacity, food companies have a crucial responsibility in understanding and reducing their contribution to reducing environmental impacts. In collaboration with WWF, Alpro wanted to pilot test an approach to setting science-based targets at the company level.

The challenge
Our approach

A consortium of research institutes coordinated by Metabolic worked with WWF-NL and Alpro to test science-based targets for land, water, nutrients, and biodiversity that respect planetary boundaries, so as not to cross the tipping points that threaten the functioning of the earth system. 

Our approach
The outcome

As a pilot project, methodologies were developed to apply these targets to Alpro’s almond and soya supply chain, focusing on the company’s farms located in the Mediterranean Forest, Woodland, and Scrub biome. The study found applying these targets at a landscape level is vital to operating within the Planetary Boundaries, and progressed efforts to develop a science-based target approach for all companies.

The outcome

“We are proud to have pilot-tested the implementation of planetary boundaries within our supply chain. We are on an ambitious journey towards One Planet products for our consumers.”

Lead Agrifood & Biodiversity


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