July 16, 2015

From waste collection to circular processing

Project overview

A vision and transition plan for the Amsterdam Waste-to-Energy company to a fully circular state, developed in collaboration with our partner Circle Economy.

Title: From waste collection to circular processing

Client: Afval Energie Bedrijf

Partners: Circle Economy

Date delivered: October 2013



Project leader

Project Description

The resources flows that are managed by the waste-to-energy plant hold a large potential for higher value reuse. Transitioning away from incineration as a key activity towards resource management and recovery strengthens the position of the AEB as a resource and energy company in a circular future.


On the basis of a current state analysis of the current material flows, such as municipal waste and energy, a future was sketched in which most of the resource flows are being diverted on different points in the chain to increase the potential for high value reuse of materials. This resulted in a set of different graphical illustrations representing the future scenario in which AEB plays a key role in the circularization of the resource flows in Amsterdam.