Accelerating Systemic Urban Transformations with Circular PSP

Metabolic is creating an AI-powered platform to help cities assess their circular economy baseline and develop tailored action plans.

Cities, despite their critical role, face significant barriers: fragmented knowledge, lack of scalable solutions, and unclear circular economy definitions. Our new platform promotes a common language, shared knowledge, holistic CE perspectives, and capacity building through targeted upskilling and engagement strategies. It leverages established CE frameworks to guide cities from understanding to actionable implementation and collaborative approaches.

  • Client: European Union
  • Partner: Enjins
  • Date:
    • Phase 1 – until October 2024
    • Phase 2 – until June 2025
    • Phase 3 – until May 2026

Need for more shared CE knowledge and terminology

Despite their importance and leverage, the transition to a circular economy in cities is slowing. Contributing factors include fragmented knowledge, lack of scalable solutions, and ambiguity in defining and measuring CE. Municipalities and officials struggle to integrate CE principles into existing frameworks due to operational gaps and a lack of comprehensive strategies. A platform that consolidates information is needed to facilitate and expedite this transition.


Developing an AI-enabled platform to support cities’ circular economy needs

We are developing a platform to guide public officers in understanding their city’s circular economy baseline and creating a detailed, context-specific action plan. Additional modules will facilitate the deployment of this plan across the organization, building capacity for the transition to a circular economy. The platform also enables multiple stakeholders within a city to engage collaboratively through matchmaking, networking, communication, and collaboration on key workflows.


Accelerating European cities toward a sustainable and circular economy

By breaking down barriers for critical knowledge, we are providing a pathway for actionable change. Our platform empowers cities to envision and forge a more sustainable future. It is more than software; it is a catalyst for systemic change, driving cities and companies towards sustainability together. By demystifying the circular economy and offering actionable pathways, it empowers stakeholders to participate in crafting a resilient, regenerative urban landscape. This shared commitment ensures economic activity strengthens our planet rather than depletes it, proving that through collaboration, insight, and the right tools, we can build resilient, thriving communities for generations to come.

Want to learn more?
Want to learn more?

"With this project, we are consolidating all relevant circular economy (CE) knowledge into one dedicated platform."



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