July 16, 2015

Circular Building with ABN AMRO

Project overview

A key publication on the topic of circular building together with ABN Amro.

Title: Trends and Opportunities for a Circular Construction Sector

Client: ABN AMRO

Partners: Circle Economy

Date delivered: 2013


Project leader

FloorPicture 320x320 - Floor van Bovene

Floor van Bovene

CFOO, Spectral


Project Description

The construction sector is a highly relevant sector for the transition to a circular economy because of the large and sometimes dangerous material flows and the current low value recycling. Even though 97% of this material flow in the Netherlands is said to be recycled according to the prevalent definition recycling, most of the materials are recovered in a low value way.


The current state of the Dutch build and construction sector was created based on different sources of data, hereby forming a coherent and all-encompassing image of the material flow through the lifecycle from sourcing of materials to end-of-life.


The result of this study is a report in which the opportunities for circularity in the Dutch building and construction sector are analyzed. Alongside, the report consists of an exploration of the definition and principles of circular building.