Metabolic has established an international reputation for its advisory work, which ranges from crafting sustainability strategies to improving resource management and optimizing the design of circular products and services.

We have six main consulting service areas but we always start with understanding the need of the client and proposing an approach that works best for you.


Graphics ourservices companybrochure 1SYSTEMS AND TREND ANALYSIS - Services

Systems and trend analysis

Metabolic uses systems thinking to deeply understand how our economy operates and how to best transform the status quo. Our approach leverages data science and systems modeling to identify the dynamics between complex interactions in a system, such as a supply chain or an economic sector, and provide insights about the root causes of key impacts. The results of our work help businesses, governments, and NGOs understand global context, identify future trends, and form interventions that lead to meaningful and lasting change. We have applied this assessment to issues in a number of sectors, including food, logistics, textiles, chemicals, construction, and finance.


Graphics ourservices companybrochure 2ORGANIZATIONAL STRATEGY - Services

Organizational strategy

Metabolic provides a full range of support to allow any organization to incorporate sustainability into their core strategy. This includes company vision and strategy development, benchmarking and KPIs, systemic value chain assessment, product evaluation, and business model development. Metabolic also works with clients to shape tendering and procurement processes that result in significant impact reductions. We have worked with city governments to shape infrastructure procurement and frame development processes, as well as private companies to manage their supply chains.


Graphics ourservices companybrochure 3METABOLISM ANALYSIS - Services

Metabolism analysis

(for cities, regions, and larger organizations)

Metabolic has pioneered a unique approach to analysing the metabolism of an urban or regional area that results in a roadmap for transitioning towards sustainability. We provide actionable strategies that use data-driven analysis, build on regional strengths, and activate local changemakers to create a pragmatic shift towards a circular economy. Whilst this work is focused on cities and regions, we also apply this with larger organizations such as airports, campuses and industrial parks. (Read more in the brochure on this service).


Graphics ourservices companybrochure 4CONCEPT DEVELOPMENT - Services

Concept development

From new agriculture systems to real-estate developments and new software, Metabolic applies a holistic approach to concept development that combines design, engineering, and a user-centered focus. We incorporate sustainability into the entire lifecycle of a product, service, or building development. Based on our experience implementing our own concepts, we offer strategic advice that maintains pioneering objectives while creating clear pathways forward that are practical and achievable.


Graphics ourservices companybrochure 5CIRCULAR FINANCE - Services

Circular Finance

The transition to a fundamentally sustainable world economy requires an enlightened approach to financing. Metabolic provides investors and financial institutions with the tools and frameworks needed to understand the environmental and social impacts of their investments. With our unique approach to impact assessment, we help investors identify and monitor systems-level risks in their portfolios, understand novel forms of value creation, and quantify the environmental and social returns on their investments.


Graphics ourservices companybrochure 6CUSTOM TOOLSpng - Services

Custom Tools

To implement genuine sustainability, approaches need to be both simple and integrated into ongoing operations. Metabolic delivers software and other tools that make complex concepts accessible, track key metrics, provide dashboards around critical information flows, and support decision-making. In this way, we can ensure any organization can understand and act on the opportunities of the circular economy at limited cost and effort.


In all our work, we employ a systems perspective in order to fully understand the complexities of the challenges we face and to know where we can make the most impact. Next to providing wide-ranging consultancy services, we develop new technologies and build new ventures. This gives us the ability to understand where the real problems are, transform ideas into piloted solutions, and scale up what works. The practical expertise we gain through this process is translated back into our advisory work; in many cases we have first-hand experience in the practicalities and challenges around creating meaningful change.

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