Metabolic's Cyclarity Services deliver deep insight to companies with circular economy ambitions, on an organizational, division, or product-­service level.

Over the last five years, moving towards a circular economy has become a high priority strategic objective. Metabolic's Cyclarity Services deliver quick insight to companies with circular economy ambitions. All Cyclarity Services can be performed either on an organizational, division, or product-­service level.

Each of our Cyclarity services are available individually or can be packaged according to your wishes.




Metabolic works with cities and regions to understand the potential of their Urban Metabolism and plan systemically.

Reinventing how we build cities is the biggest opportunity of the 21st century. By 2050, 6 billion people will be living in cities, making them by far the most significant centers of commerce, culture, and consumption. Integrated urban design has a unique position in shaping how a sustainable society will be achieved and how new forms of value can be created. To engage citizens, build robust economies, transition infrastructure, and meet environmental targets, Metabolic works with cities and regions to understand the potential of their Urban Metabolism.

We have a systemic approach to urban transformation and sustainable development. We work with cities to shape a larger strategic vision, create tools for data-­driven decision making, and realize iconic and replicable projects.




We work with architects, developers, communities of self-­builders, and companies on cutting­-edge building projects that maximize sustainability.

We have hands­-on expertise in designing and overseeing the development of sustainable buildings and urban areas, from the concept and design phase through execution. Our core areas of expertise include: off-­grid building design, circular development, low-­impact building design, sustainable materials selection, low­-impact construction, ecological design, waste reduction and management, and smart building systems (sensors and monitoring).



We develop metrics, frameworks, and software tools to help our clients track and meet their goals.

Metrics and assessment frameworks are essential for understanding whether goals are being achieved, and how quickly. We are experts in the development of metrics, frameworks, and algorithms. The assessment tools we develop are customized to the needs of each client and use case. 




Metabolic works with clients to implement on-the-ground projects that build upon a systems understanding to test promising pathways forward.

All of our work at Metabolic is ultimately geared towards producing tangible change in the real world. This requires the implementation of innovative, and often complex, projects. We work with our clients to bring concepts and analyses to execution. Areas that we work in include urban programming, building and area development, product design and development, industrial system innovation, and organizational transformation. We generally offer our implementation support services as a follow­-on to earlier stages of our analytical work. We evaluate participation in project development trajectories that did not emerge from our own work on a case­-by­-case basis, depending on the alignment of the project with the goals of our innovation and impact strategy.