A walk through the Het Ware Noorden Light Festival

Published on the 8th of December 2017

The annual Light Festival has become one of the most eye-catching events in Amsterdam. Come on a visual tour with Metabolic communications intern Natalie Bikic and see the light art installations at our cleantech playground, De Ceuvel.

During the Amsterdam Light Festival artists from across the world come together to exhibit more than 200 light art installations on land and water. This year, our partners Het Ware Noorden have teamed up with local artists and craftsmen to create a light festival at our cleantech playground, De Ceuvel.

In collaboration with 72U Amsterdam, Metabolic helped launch Het Ware Noorden in 2016. Starting as an immersive creative research assignment in which the 72U team connected with people from a variety of backgrounds – both young and old generations of Amsterdam North – Het Ware Noorden has developed into a label that celebrate and promotes creative re-use within the community. It’s aim is to create a space for dialogue through workshops and other activities that bring together the inhabitants of Amsterdam North.

With the help of local designers and contributions, Het Ware Noorden has put together a range of weird and wonderful upcycled artworks made out of old doors, plastic bottles or school benches from the neighbourhood, incorporated into the surroundings of De Ceuvel.

Visit De Ceuvel for yourself and see the light art installations on show until 22 January 2018!

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