Spring Update, 2016

Published on the 23rd of April 2016

It has been another exciting quarter at Metabolic. We are very pleased to announce the completion of some significant projects.

One of the most notable is our analysis of the global food system, commissioned by the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). The results of this year-long study reiterate the urgent need for transitioning the food system to a more sustainable state and have laid the groundwork for a new phase of agricultural innovation and applied experimentation at Metabolic.

We have already translated the lessons of our global food system research into the designs of the largest organic farm on one of Spain’s Balearic islands as well as of a showcase greenhouse in what will soon be producing ultra-local food in one of Amsterdam’s most sustainable hotels. In our own backyard, we’re kicking off our sustainable agriculture research with the planting of our very own food forest and the construction of a demonstration aquaponics production unit at Metabolic Lab, our facility at De Ceuvel.

Meanwhile, we have continued to deepen our work on Circular Economy strategy. Following on the success of the Circular Economy plan we and our partner, Urgenda, developed for the Dutch province of Friesland, we have begun to work with other provincial and municipal governments to develop similar plans. We have continued to provide custom circular economy advice for companies, and are pleased to be kicking off a new partnership on circular procurement with Antea Group.

Our daughter organizations are also making big strides. Metabolic Foundation just recently launched a community Fab Lab in Aruba. Here in the Netherlands, Spectral Utilities is gearing up to revolutionize the electricity grid through their line of plug-and-play energy storage and smart-grid management systems.

Throughout all of these developments, we manage to have fun back at the office. Bonfire season is starting again. And the launch of our in-company complimentary currency, the Metabuck, is leading to some creative testing of how to build small-scale economies from the ground up.

Here, you can read our full Spring newsletter online.

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