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Published on the 31st of May 2017
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Spectral is a company that is revolutionizing the way we produce, share and store energy through its scalable, sustainable solutions. It’s on a mission to accelerate the global transition towards 100% renewable, clean energy supply. As Spectral was established by Metabolic, we’re delighted to share news of two of their recent high profile projects.

Waternet: Buiksloterham – Innovation in New Sanitation

Spectral was recently commissioned by the water company Waternet to contribute to realizing the ambitious goals for their ground-breaking new sanitation pilot in Amsterdam. For the first time ever, Waternet is building a (decentralized) neighborhood-scale sanitation facility which will treat and extract nutrients from organic waste collected from local residents in Buiksloterham. Spectral recently concluded the first phase of the project, which was focused on identifying opportunities for optimizing the energy aspects of the facility. Spectral analyzed a number of strategies for increasing on-site renewable energy production, as well as several alternatives for maximizing the value of using the biogas which is generated as a byproduct of the waste digestion process. Beyond addressing the challenges around local energy optimization, Spectral also assessed opportunities for integrating the facility with the surrounding neighborhood, enablng Waternet to supply supplemental energy to the very communities which it serves with the new sanitation facility.

Alliander: An IT Architecture for the Future Energy System

Spectral recently concluded the first phase of a collaborative project commissioned by Alliander, the Netherlands’ largest grid operator, which was focused on developing an integral IT architecture for the future of the energy system. Spectral worked closely with Alliander’s strategy department to identify critical requirements and to devise different scenarios for the evolution of the energy sector by 2030.

Philip Gladek, CEO of Spectral, said: “As the urgency to transition towards a more sustainable, clean energy economy increases, so does the necessity to adapt existing market models and technological standards. The role of existing market players, such as grid companies, is also rapidly changing as developments in ICT and Big Data enable completely new modes of operation. As a disruptive start-up specializing in system integration and smart energy solutions, Spectral brings valuable insight to the table in helping companies like Alliander to craft new strategic pathways within the ever-evolving energy landscape.”

For more information visit Spectral’s website

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