Roadmap for Circular Housing Development Tendering in Amsterdam

Published on the 27th of January 2017

Metabolic is proud to announce a new project that will help strengthen Amsterdam’s position as a global frontrunner in circular urban development.

In December last year, the municipality of Amsterdam asked Metabolic to work together with engineering firm SGS Search to create a roadmap for circular housing development tendering. With this roadmap the city of Amsterdam will be able to shape tendering procedures so that, next to traditional measures of sustainability, such as energy performance or air quality, circularity will be taken into account in the evaluation of building design and development plans.

The main goal of this roadmap is to provide the city with a means to objectively measure and score the circular performance of the plans of construction companies aiming to obtain the right to build and develop throughout the city. At the core of the roadmap, a set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will allow a quantitative evaluation of building designs with regards to such factors as the potential for closing the material cycle (by recycling components and materials at the end of a building’s lifecycle), or the adaptivity and climate-resilience of the planned building design and location.

Metabolic senior consultant Gerard Roemers: “This is not a just an interesting research question, the city of Amsterdam aims to put our circular tendering tools to the test. After a market consultation where the circular frontrunners in the area of circular building and urban development will be invited to help improve our tool, the city of Amsterdam will appoint three locations within the city where our roadmap for circular tendering will be applied in practice in the coming year. In doing so, Amsterdam will be the first city in the Netherlands to explicitly take circularity into account in its tendering process. We are really excited to be working with them on bringing the circular economy further into practice.”

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