Metabolic launches Masterclasses for a sustainable economy

Published on the 7th of August 2017

From designing circular cities to shifting the global food system, and from understanding the new economy to crafting powerful communications, Metabolic Masterclasses provide essential knowledge and skills to accelerate the transition to a sustainable future.

Metabolic has launched a range of educational Masterclasses to help any organization quickly understand and act on the opportunities of sustainability. Led by our consultants and executive team, the half-day Masterclasses combine both theory and practical elements. Backed up by live case studies, they give hands-on experience and ensure participants can begin applying the concepts immediately.

The four launching Masterclasses have been developed around Metabolic’s own extensive experience and aligned to some of the most impactful areas of the economy.

Masterclasses available:

Designing the Circular Cities of the Future

Led by Metabolic Consultants Gerard Roemers and Nadina Galle

While cities occupy only 3% of the Earth’s surface area, they house more than half of the world’s population. They are also the major engine for economic growth and can therefore lead the way towards a circular economy. Learn the skills and theory on how to design, develop, and implement the circular cities of the future.

Building Sustainable Food Systems

Led by Metabolic Consultants Oscar Sabag and Leonardo Verkooijen

Unsustainable agricultural practices and their impact on the environment are one of the primary global drivers of climate change, biodiversity loss, and future food insecurity. This Masterclass takes you on a journey through the food system to learn how systems thinking can guide us to an alternative and resilient approach.

Communicating Your Purpose and Making an Impact

Led by Metabolic Director of Communications Adam Stones

What does it take to build a brand, to grow your influence, and change attitudes? Metabolic wants to help others to communicate more effectively so that more people can deliver positive results for the planet. Find out how powerful communications can help build your organization and scale up your impact.

Applying the Circular Economy

Led by Metabolic Founder and CEO Eva Gladek

Over the last few years, the term “circular economy” has gained immense popularity among both businesses and governments. But what is the real value it can provide and which pathways towards it hold the most promise? Learn the details of a true circular economy, and its opportunities.

All Masterclasses are held at Metabolic Lab, Metabolic’s event space and showcase of applied sustainability. Metabolic Lab is located within De Ceuvel, Amsterdam’s pioneering sustainable business park and cleantech playground. Most Masterclasses are offered as group bookings to organizations, but you can also register your interest as an individual. There are also options to expand on these courses with additional modular topics that build skills and knowledge further.

Adam Stones, Director of Communications at Metabolic, said: “The overarching mission of Metabolic is to transition the global economy to a fundamentally sustainable and circular state. Therefore, as well as providing consultancy and building new ventures, we also want to ensure the ideas of a sustainable economy are widely shared and that more people are empowered to achieve them. The Masterclasses help us achieve this, adding to our existing suite of educational and communications programs to provide short but powerful learning experiences with big impact. We look forward to engaging with a diverse range of businesses, nonprofits and individual changemakers in these Masterclasses.”

View the Masterclass brochure here.

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