Metabolic features in film from The Economist

Published on the 16th of February 2016

Metabolic plays a leading part in a new film from The Economist, the influential news outlet that offers insight and opinion on international current affairs.

The short film called ‘The Earth Cycle: Making Environmentalism Pay its Way’ looks at some of the basic building blocks of a circular economy and what needs to happen to drive it forward. The film focuses specifically on waste, and how reusing or regenerating raw materials can pay dividends for business as well as the planet.

The film also explores Metabolic’s work on the redevelopment of the Buiksloterham neighbourhood in Amsterdam and how these lessons are now being applied across the city.

In the film Eva Gladek, Metabolic’s founder and CEO, explains: “We need to fundamentally and rapidly address how we design our cities, our industries and pretty much everything about the way the economy functions.”

Watch the film below and be sure to share it around.

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