Masterclass: Designing Circular Cities of the Future

Published on the 25th of May 2018

What kind of city would you like to live in – five, ten, fifteen years from now? From 20-24 June, city changers will gather for five days in Amsterdam to discuss their urban future. WeMakeThe.City is Europe’s biggest city festival, with 600 speakers and 30 000 participants visiting 150 locations. This year, Metabolic joins the program with a masterclass on circular city development.

WeMakeThe.City aims to connect a broad array of city stakeholders – from members of the general public to urban experts – to stimulate discussion around some of our biggest urban challenges and inspire collective thought around potential solutions.

As part of this year’s agenda, Metabolic will host a specialized Masterclass on Designing the Circular Cities of the Future. The 3-hour class takes participants through the ins-and-outs of circular cities. While cities occupy only 3% of the Earth’s surface area, they house more than half of the world’s population, consume over 75% of the global resources and are responsible for up to 80% of greenhouse emissions. However, environmental challenges and urbanization opportunities are inherently connected. As cities are also the major engine for economic growth, they can lead the way towards a circular economy by transforming the built environment.

The Masterclass provides a crash course on the principles and theory of urban metabolisms and circular city development. Relevant case studies such as De Ceuvel, Schoonschip and Circular Buiksloterham – projects that Metabolic has helped pioneer – will be analyzed alongside other international examples to explore these design principles in practice.

What you’ll leave with:

  • Insider information about the common pitfalls, benefits, and barriers to transitioning cities to perform at high circularity, with lessons from De Ceuvel, Schoonschip and Circular Buiksloterham.
  • A clear understanding of the nuances of local stakeholder management necessary for making progress on a local circular economy.
  • Reliable strategies to identify low-hanging fruit and design pilots that educate, build support, and accelerate the transition.

Need to know:

  • Date: Friday 22 June
  • Time: 14:30 – 17:30
  • Venue: Metabolic Lab, De Ceuvel, Korte Papaverweg 2-6
  • Cost: 90 euros (+ the mandatory 10 euro WeMakeTheCity festival pass)
  • Participants: Space is limited to 12 participants – register asap to avoid missing out!

For more info and to register:


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