Eva Gladek named in ‘Sustainability Top 15’

Published on the 11th of October 2016
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Eva Gladek, the founder and CEO of Metabolic, has been recognised for her pioneering work around systems thinking by being named as one of the Top 15 sustainability influencers in the Netherlands.

The Trouw newspaper’s De Duurzame 100 is announced each year on the ‘Dag van Duurzaamheid’, a national day to spotlight sustainability  and to celebrate and debate goals and accomplishments. For the second year running, Eva has placed as one of the top influencers in the Netherlands, being named last night at a gala event in Amsterdam at number 11.

The Netherlands continues to pride itself on its commitment to sustainability. Just last month, the Government released details of how the country can transition to a completely circular economy by the year 2050. Alongside its work internationally, Metabolic has been involved with a wide range  of projects at the pioneering edge of this Dutch commitment.

Metabolic has developed a unique approach to identifying leverage points in systems in order to transition them to a sustainable state. Later this month, it will be sharing details of how it has applied this approach to its contribution to WWF’s latest landmark Living Planet Report. Eva Gladek continues to lead Metabolic’s systems approach to solve complex problems; in the past year she has been invited to speak about the company’s expertise in countries around the world.

Trouw said it placed Eva so highly because of how she has grown Metabolic into a leading driver of sustainability action around the world in just three years. Particular praise was drawn to practical work around local projects including De Ceuvel, Schoonschip and Buiksloterham, as well as her work advising major corporations on systems analysis and the circular economy.

Eva Gladek, CEO of Metabolic, said: “It has been a busy and exciting year for Metabolic and it is a privilege to be recognised in De Duurzame 100 again. It is great to see that our passion for understanding how complex systems work is being increasingly recognized for the value it can deliver in tackling sustainability challenges.I hope that many more organisations will work with us over the next year, to help achieve our vision for a global economy operating in a fundamentally sustainable state.”

For more on Metabolic’s approach to using systems thinking as a tool for solving global challenges, see Eva’s recent speech at EcoSummit 2016 here.

Metabolic will be sharing more details of its recent work in its next newsletter, which will be issued on 27th October. To stay up to date, ensure you subscribe now.

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