Eva Gladek explores ‘systems thinking’ in new video shorts

Published on the 23rd of November 2016
Eva Gladek_Systems Thinking_Metabolic

Metabolic Founder and CEO Eva Gladek explores Metabolic’s approach to systems thinking in a new series of ultra-short interviews.

Eva was interviewed by Dutch filmmaker Niki Boomkens on how Metabolic is working to address key sustainability challenges. The result is three 2-3 minute films that provide a quick insight into what makes us tick at Metabolic.

The three films are:

  • The Metabolic WayMetabolic is a company focused on both action and ideas;  knowledge from our consulting team can be turned into new technological innovations and then scaled into new ventures. Metabolic has a dual strategy of building a parallel economic system, alongside trying to help the existing one transition.

  • Finding a Leverage Point. We have developed our own methods for identifying leverage points from which to affect change in systems. We are developing new intervention strategies for these points in a system.

  • Paying Attention to Current State: It is hard to know how you can affect change with so many seemingly huge challenges, which can be one reason why many don’t take action. To address big challenges you need to focus efforts by addressing them as a holistic system and work together.

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