De Ceuvel Finds the True North

Published on the 15th of December 2016
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Het Ware Noorden (True North) aims to help transform Amsterdam North into the the up-cycle capital of the Netherlands.

72U is a creative residency program in Amsterdam hosted by advertising company 72andSunny and designed to take participants to the next level creatively and professionally. The program explores the intersection of art, technology and culture through project-based learning, challenging a group of young creatives to tackle a modern communication problem in an intensive Amsterdam-based setting.

Metabolic suggested that De Ceuvel – the cleantech and sustainable innovation playground in Amsterdam North that we helped to design and build three years ago – should be the focus of the program and it was selected.

The challenge was to get the neighbourhood around De Ceuvel more involved in its sustainability practices and activities. The project started with immersive research to connect with the community. And after three months of design and development – which we have been supporting – the result is Het Ware Noorden, a label that promotes creative reuse sessions and its resulting products.

Creative reuse, also known as up-cycling, is the process of transforming by-products, waste and unwanted goods into new materials or products. In the coming months, Het Ware Noorden will grow into a platform connecting various initiatives around creative re-use at De Ceuvel and throughout Amsterdam North.

The project was recently launched with the 72U team unveiling new up-cycled light installations at De Ceuvel – this is now part of the Amsterdam Light Festival, which goes on until 22nd January.

See the Het Ware Noorden website for more on the new label.

We look forward to seeing how Het Ware Noorden grows in 2017.

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