About the Global Metabolism Initiative

The GMI aims to bridge global monitoring and local decision-making through open data.

Year on year structure

Every year, the GMI will add more data into our publicly accessible tool, and dive into the critical flows and impacts of more and more sectors.

The GMI is action-oriented, going from big data and complex systems – their dynamics, drivers, and barriers – into implementable short-, medium- and long-term transition pathways.

Recommendations and roadmaps support stakeholders across industry, society, and policy to prioritize and take the urgent action needed to transition our global economy to a fundamentally sustainable state in the short timeframe we have left.

In the first year, we are focusing on mapping and understanding the bioeconomy: all organic materials produced by humans. All the food, wood, wool and cotton, all the paper, all the bioenergy in the world.

In the first year, the GMI will answer critical questions such as:

The GMI team

GMI partners