Transforming industry

Making the right business decisions is more complex than ever.

While most business leaders see an urgent need to reduce the impacts of their supply chains, the majority of businesses are faced with exceptionally complex decisions at the product level, supply chain level, and governance level. The data needed to understand and better manage resources is often buried in inaccessible places, and is difficult to decode and act on.  

An opportunity to get ahead of the curve.

We work with business leaders at every step of the industrial supply chain, from mining and extraction, through processing and refining, to assembly and design, and use and disposal. Our job is to help organizations navigate complex supply chain and business challenges, by providing critical insights to help leaders make better decisions, and by providing the tools and instruments to streamline the process. With the correct guidance and tools at their disposal, today’s businesses have an invaluable opportunity not only to lower their impacts and mitigate their risks, but to generate significant economic gains and improve livelihoods up-stream, down-stream and in their direct operations. 


Understand the impacts of your business choices.

Making sustainable decisions means understanding the socio-economic and environmental impacts of different operational and supply chain pathways. We provide businesses and industry groups with holistic impact assessments on various scales, ranging from specific products to entire value chains and the feedstocks they require.

Analyzing supply chain impacts of electronics


Build a circular and sustainable business strategy.

We help businesses incorporate circular economics and deep sustainability practices into their business models and supply chains. Our approach guides organizations through three core phases: current state analysis, visioning and goal setting, and intervention analysis — with the ultimate outcome being the implementation of high-impact interventions.



Make better decisions with the right support.

We develop easy-to-use indicators and dashboards that can help businesses and sectors evaluate their current state of circularity and monitor future progress. We also provide custom tools that help with decision-making, based on impact assessment and future scenario building. 


Circular Procurement

Switch to circular materials and suppliers.

Circular procurement offers a set of material selection strategies and potential suppliers for moving towards circular material consumption. We help businesses and industries minimize their impact by identifying the lowest impact products with the highest material recoverability.



Investigating supply chains and associated hidden impacts. 

For financial institutions such as banks and insurance firms, we can provide an overview of the risks and opportunity costs associated with specific investment pathways.


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