Reimagining the built environment

Construction is critical to the healthy functioning of our economy.

It is also one of the planet’s largest consuming sectors of energy and raw materials. As governments and business adopt higher sustainability standards and targets, tender requirements, procurement guidelines, and consumer demands are following suit.

While the transition to sustainable urban development is critical, architects and developers face major challenges in adapting an industry that has worked well for over 100 years.

Creating a circular built environment

Using the circular economy as a framework and set of principles, Metabolic helps architects and developers to think differently about how we design our buildings and urban areas. From hotels to housing developments, offices to apartments, we help translate isolated sustainability ambitions and ideas into a clear and achievable vision and action plan for circular development that works within the local context.

Circularity assessment

Make circularity measurable.

We help organizations define and assess the circularity of buildings or urban areas. This includes the development of key performance indicators (KPIs) to benchmark the current state of circularity and track progress made in the future.

Circularity assessment


Integrate circularity into your tender processes.

Together with our partners, SGS Search, we have developed a set of tools that makes it easier for project developers, housing corporations and municipalities to integrate circularity into their tendering processes. We look at a wide range of circularity goals within the themes of materials, adaptivity and resilience, energy, water and ecosystems to ensure every tender can take an integrated approach.

Circular tendering

Concept Development

Design concepts that pioneer advanced sustainability.

We work with developers and architects to create iconic projects that showcase advanced sustainability while being suited to the local context. Our work combines design and engineering – balancing a rigorous understanding of technical materials with concept illustrations that bring the project to life. 

Concept development


A comprehensive development plan.

We develop holistic development masterplans, with goals for key pillars including community governance, technology integration, architecture, and construction. Impact reduction for key resource demands is prioritized through a combination of smart design and innovations in the fields of materials, technology, finance and governance.

Sustainability Masterplan

Project implementation

Make circular developments happen.

Bringing a revolutionary circular project to life requires a strong team of specialists. Through our extensive network and existing partnerships, we are able to bring together the right investment and most experienced suppliers to form coalitions that work.

Project implementation

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